Blizzard Entertainment have demonstrated in typically stylish fashion just how much potential there is for gaming in licensing with the release of their new, high-end collectables line. The beautifully executed pieces are priced at the $150-dollar mark and are perfectly placed for fans to demonstrate their affinity to the game.

The traction that games have with their fans really is a unique and special relationship, different to that of film or TV and we couldn’t be happier to see licensors like Blizzard taking full advantage. Fans are desperate for ways to show the love they have for their favourite games and these stunning high-end collectables are perfect to do just that.

It’s an extension for the publishers that makes perfect sense. They’re already renowned for making highly stylised and visually exquisite sci-fi games and the high-end look and feel of this range feels like a very natural addition.

Like any good extension should, the figures capture the personality, passion and premium feel of the brand. As though they’ve come directly from the world of the games they’re born from.

The range currently includes a Hearthstone Collectible Keepsake Box, Grommash, Hellscream and Illidan Stormage from the Warcract world in addition to Overwatch’s Reaper, Tracer and the newest addition, Widowmaker.

And we don’t expect them to stop there…