To help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Tim Burton’s ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’, Disney asked PowerStation Studios to apply our signature creativity in something rather special…

Their plan? To bring the world of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ alive, through unique, disruptive design. To do this, we were tasked to modify their ‘Jack Skellington’ skulls to show off our interpretation of their Halloween (or depending on who you ask) Christmas blockbuster!

Armed with a few blank ‘Jack Skellington’ skulls, we happily set off to work. After submission, Disney’s favourite designs were then included as part of a touring exhibition to further celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. At the end of the tour, every skull was auctioned off to raise money for Disney’s chosen charity.

As huge Tim Burton fans, it was a great honour and privilege for the studio to be invited on this spooky creative challenge, and also a great opportunity to raise money for so many positive causes! Our final four ‘Jack Skellington’ skulls can be seen below! Which one’s your favourite take on the Tim Burton classic?


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