At PowerStation Studios there resides a team of beings unknown to man. Not human, nor alien these entities only exist to create magic on a daily basis through the medium of design. Choosing to remain in the shadows til now it’s time to introduce the team and their secret identities.

The Masking For Trouble series will introduce a new PowerStation Studios hero every few days and the topics that you can expect to hear them write about in the future.

It’s time to pull down the mask and step into the light…

First up, we have…

The Punslinger

  1. What is your superhero backstory?

Born on earth to an infamous cowboy and a stand-up comedienne the Punslinger was always destined for greatness. The trigger-happy hero lives for quick wit, clever creative and daring designs. Being The Punslinger is no joke. He’s spurred on by awesome art and is always quick to draw.

  1. What are your creative super powers?

Knowledge of all things nerd and geek-dom and an ability to deliver a pun faster than you could reach for your gun…

  1. What is your creative kryptonite?

Anything negative or bland. Positive about that.

  1. You hit your awesome superhero landing and walk into battle, what is your catchphrase?

The Punslinger doesn’t have a set catchphrase. He walks into battle, assesses the situation and delivers a pun accordingly. Personalised and bespoke…

  1. Who is your favourite superhero?

Deadpool – as quick witted as he is super. That’s a hero the Punslinger can root for.

  1. What topics will you be writing about?

All things nerdist. From Harry to Hobbits. Wizards to Walking Dead. Magic to Marvel and everything in between. If you’re a geek you’ll nerd to read this. He also has a passion for health and wellbeing so there’s sure to be posts on wellness too.