The mindfulness movement continues to swell as lives get fuller, faster and more frantic. It’s easy to get swept along on the wave of instant interaction, social media, fast pay and 24/7 connectivity thanks to rapidly advancing technologies. It makes sense then that the mindfulness movement gains so much traction. A movement that encourages people to take time every day to stop, be present in the moment and non-reactive to what’s happening around them. This meditation can be difficult for some who find it hard and unnatural to switch off and spend time in the now.

Cue a rise in guided meditation apps. These apps took advantage of this opportunity beautifully, guiding people through 5, 10, 15 or 20 minute meditations with soothing music and soft tones. They’re a great way to teach yourself how to switch off and take a time-out. However, the latest release is a little different.

Sway, developed by uptwo in collaboration with Danish mental wellness company PauseAble is an interactive mediation app. The first app to use the phones motion sensors to track your movements encouraging the user to gently sway, bringing their attention to their body. You can put the phone in your pocket or bag and privately meditate in a public place. The app aims to make meditation and mindfulness a full body experience and extremely easy to do by anyone, anywhere.

“Every movement can be mindful, for instance you can move your wrist or arm in a mindful way or you could also walk, in a mindful way. Any part of your body can be a mindful practice.” Peng Cheng, founder of PauseAble.

Typically, from the ‘Monument Valley’ developers the app is beautifully designed and easy to use and navigate.

With that in mind, if you need us we’ll be found swaying around the office all afternoon in zen-like states.

No, seriously…