In an attempt to avoid stating the obvious…adaptation in the digital world is one of the most important things to have in your arsenal if you’re to stay relevant and be successful. The number of casualties suffered in this fast paced world is too long to list but until now we had Vine as somewhere close to the top.

Vine was huge 3 years ago and dominated the video sharing scene. 6 second videos, played on a loop that become the platform for budding comedians, playground jokes, memes, remixes and everyones chance for 6 seconds of fame.

That is until Snapchat and Instagram blew past Vine with their innovative filters, quirky edits and endless updates. All of this on the back of vast user bases built for sharing.

In a bid to make a comeback Vine owners Twitter have announced the release of Vine Camera. An app update on iOS and Android thats simply the camera screen of the old app, without the sharing platform. Once you shoot for 6.5 second video you get the option to share on Twitter and save to your camera roll.

Though we believe this is a smart move by Twitter and Vine the real question is whether Twitter will put the resources into continuing to develop the Vine Camera. The only way it becomes relevant again, and stays that way is if it adapts on a regular basis in the same way Instagram and Snapchat have, and continue to do. Personally I’d love to see Vine make a successful comeback and believe this news gives them a real chance.