At Powerstation Studios we are powered by passion: passion in our creativity, passion for movies, for games, for toys and all things playful and entertaining. Moreover, we are not only passionate about our commercial work but also about our down time projects. Recently, one of senior designers let his passion loose on Power Rangers and as expected, the reaction was and continues to be, “wow”! This case of mistaken identity is just another testament to his jaw-dropping talent.

“I set myself up to the challenge to create kick-ass posters. Posters that will serve the ultimate hardcore fans but also serve the darker, contemporary re-imagining of the classic characters, while still looking action-packed and fun at the same time.”

Our designer goes on to state, “The Power Rangers Morphin’ transformation has been a significant scene within the classic series. While watching the official Liongate trailer, I instantly got Inspired by the morphing effect that takes over the Rangers. In my designs, I wanted to capture that epic moment when they’re harnessing their extraordinary powers.
Each poster depicts the moment that the Power Ranger suits are taken over by the organic morphing power that transforms the teenagers into mighty superheroes.”

The results speak for themselves. Epicness in spades.