Self-professed authorities in colour, the team at Pantone have just announced the release of a high-end biannual magazine priced at £75. Aimed at industry professionals and anyone with an interest in creation and design Pantone have described the magazine as something that can act as both a “coffee table book” and a “trusted design resource”.

Viewpoint Colour addresses future trends, news, analysis, and explores the social, psychological and scientific context behind colour trends. The magazine, which is over 150 pages, reflects Pantone’s belief that in this highly visual world “…colour should be considered from the moment materials are developed. It should be a conscious part of every level of decision-making”, says Pantone Vice President Laura Pressman.

As a team of people who live and breath creativity we could not agree more. We love this super smart move from Pantone as it cements there position as not only matter-experts but also owners of the ‘colour space’. It feels like a beautifully natural extension into print, as all effective brand extensions should feel.

Viewpoint Colour has launched its first edition and is currently available to buy via Pantone’s website.