Lego has launched a new instagram-style app aimed at their younger audience, specifically 13 and under.

The app is designed as an outlet for its younger audience to pursue their creativity in a safe digital environment. With a high level of control and restriction placed on comments and feedback once the user has posted their personalised Lego creation.

In typical irreverent Lego fashion there will be regular building challenges posted by Lego to test children in addition to dedicated hubs within the app for their most popular lines like Star Wars and Batman.

No personal information will be shared on the app and avatars will be limited to customised Lego figures instead of actual pictures.

This is a really smart move by Lego who are one of the few children’s brands with the heritage and in-built trust to move into a space often viewed as risky and dangerous by parents.

Not only this but it provides a fun and safe stepping-stone for the 13-and-under audience into the wider internet community.