As the world continues its perpetual sprint headfirst into a scene out of minority report there is still a strong movement towards the simpler, retro days. Nothing signifies that more than the news coming out of Nokia this week that they are set to release their classic 3310 handset, one of the best-selling phones of all time.

Once we surfaced from the haze of nostalgia that flooded the office following the announcement we hit the keyboard to bring you our take on this.

In whats clearly a statement of durability over functionality, Nokia are bang on trend with their less is more approach. They’ve changed the value model and seized the opportunity to perfectly align themselves with the ever-growing mood amongst consumers who desire simplicity and reliability over the complex and superfluous.

As you can probably guess we love this move from Nokia. Its very smartly timed and we’re hopeful its just as well executed when the phones are released between April and June this year.