Music videos are finding exciting new ways to hold fans attention and engage with consumers on a new level. This is music to the ears (sorry) of brands who are wisely collaborating with artists or simply taking inspiration from their innovative tactics.

Some examples of new ingenious ways music videos are staying relevant include the use of webcams, eye-tracking technology, split screens, virtual reality and gamified concepts. We’ve picked out just 3 today…

Usher partnered with music streaming service Tidal for his new single Chains which features an eye-gaze algorithm to track when viewers look away, pausing the video until they re-connect with the content. This works perfectly for the poignant message of the song around ‘facing up’ to racial profiling.

In a really smart move Rae Sremmurd have collaborated with Doritos last year to produce an interactive music video that worked over multiple screens, encouraging friends to put their phones together to get the full picture. It played in to Doritos very social feel and was a guaranteed conversation starter for both the artist and the brand.

In terms of ‘gamifying’ videos M83 have lead the way teaming up with Microsoft on an 8-bit remix Go!, titled Meet Me At Go! In the video you’re taking on a journey through a retro-non cityscape which you navigate with your mouse picking up prizes as you go. Its a beautifully simple concept and is a great example for all brands on how easy it is to create gamified experiential content.

Expect to see more and more interactive and engaging content within music videos, a fact that has brands licking their lips in anticipation.